DOUSAMTIC Automatic Doors


DOUSMATIC, the Automatic doors subsidiary of AL-DOUSARI GROUP, was founded to meet the growing demand of automatic doors in the country and the region. Today, we are having a partnership with Ditec S.p.A. of Italy, one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of automated doors and barriers.


Ditec Italy invests a large part of its resources to research and innovation, practices which account for the superior ergonomics, functionality, and quality of their products. The company is distinguished for its strong and growing international presence, with its products already being sold in more than 70 different countries around the world.


DOUSMATIC Automatic Doors offers an assortment of Ditec-made automatic entrances for a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial applications. These include automated barriers, gates, flexible doors, sliding doors, overhead doors, swing doors, revolving doors, and curved doors. Furthermore, we are also backed by a local after-sales unit, which can provide periodic or as-required maintenance of the equipment we have installed to ensure their faultless functioning for many years to come.

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